Case lodged to sue the Metropolitan Police for £50,000

The Met are being sued for £50,000 by a man who claims 6 of their officers called him a ‘black b*****d’.

Jonathan Billinghurst has taken the action after be was ambushed by officers who used baseball bats to smash the windows of the Mini Cooper he was driving at the time. Mr Billinghurst also alleges that during his ‘unconventional’ arrest an officer turned up the music whilst his colleagues verbally and physically abused him, acts he believes were carried out to humiliate, demoralise and punish him.

An investigation by the IPCC found that the officers had indeed used excessive force but the Metropolitan Police refute this, saying that their officers were allowed to use a high level of force. The papers were filed in the High Court last October and emerged following a failed attempt by the 6 officers to sue Channel 4 News after footage of the arrest in 2008 was broadcast on their programme. 

The footage shows the men yelling “attack, attack” before running towards the suspects car and smashing the windscreen and the window before ordering him to get out of the car and subsequently pinning him to the ground. Even though the attack took place in 2008 it wasn’t until 2011 that the IPCC completed their investigation. The officers involved, who were member of the now extinct Enfield Crime Squad, all kept their jobs. 

Mr Billinghurst, who served a 2 month sentence following the arrest, says he thought they police were muggers due to being in plain clothes and that they failed to reveal themselves as police officers. He also clams that the officers took his iPod, mobile phone and several CD’s, and he has never had these returned to him.