Domestic abuse victims sues the Met Police for £25,000

A victim of domestic violence who was sexually exploited by the police officer who responded to her 999 call is suing the police force for £25,000 for gross abuse of power.

The PC in question in 34 year old James Formby, who was in uniform and on duty in the south east London district of Bromley in 2009 when the alleged incident took place. He is said to have plied the vulnerable victim with drink and then engaged her in a sexual act.

PC Formby was convicted in 2010 of criminal misconduct and dismissed from the Met, but as the force refused to accept responsibility for Formby’s actions the 37 year old woman is now suing them. Ruth Brander, the claimants representative released a statement saying ‘my client accepts that she gave the police an account following the events taking place and admits that she asked PC Formby for a kiss’. 

She went onto say that Formby asked the woman to perform a sexual act on him and had later sent her a text message saying that she was amazing and that he couldn’t wait to see her again. The woman, who for legal reasons cannot be named, is suing the Met for up to £15,400 in compensation and the extra £11,000 depends on whether the jury finds that the woman didn’t have the capacity at the time to willingly consent to take part in the ‘sexual activity’. She will have to give evidence in court with Formby present in her bid to win her compensation claim