Man jumped on by 5 members of the British Transport Police during peaceful protest

This footage shows the exact moment when officers in the British Transport Police pounced on and subsequently attacked 65 year old Tony Nuttall, a worker in the health service.

The grandfather was attending a peaceful protest against the cuts that were being made to travel passes when 5 officers from the British Transport Police dragged him down to the ground and arrested him. 

Clearly audible on the shocking footage is a woman’s voice in the background shouting at the officers to “leave him alone, he is an old man, just talk to him”.  Mr Nuttall remains completely silent throughout his ordeal and is seen at one point to hit out using his rucksack due to an officer standing on his foot. The grandfather, who was a manager within the health service, is now the Barnsley Retirees Action Group’s publicity manager.

He has slammed the police for what he describes as heavy handedness during the time he was forced to the ground. Speaking from his Barnsley home, Mr Nuttall said the police were clearly attempting to arrest the leaders of the protest to try and demoralise the group and that he had tried to link arms to demonstrate how peaceful the protest was when the officers jumped him from behind. 

Mr Nuttall went onto sat that it had been very uncomfortable and completely unnecessary as he wasn’t hitting out or acting in a violent way. He also voiced his concerns that it had been very close to the platform edge and was very dangerous, and his fear increased when handcuffs were snapped on him when he was on the floor and he was dragged to the police station. He concluded that we would now have to visit a doctor as the actions has exacerbated existing spinal problems and that his wrists were also very sore due to the tightness of the handcuffs.