Man’s eye socket being shattered by police officer shown on CCTV footage

This video shows the exact moment when a man’s eyes socket was shattered by a police officer who was arresting him for throwing a paper cup from a car window.

The CCTV footages clearly shows that Mr Qurban was held on the ground next to a parked car and the officer appears to be punching down at him. In the footage, which was obtained by newspaper the Birmingham Mail, you can also see Mr Qurban being lifted into view before being kneed twice in the head by the same officer. 

Other injuries suffered by Mr Qurban, a trainee fork lift truck driver from Birmingham, included a damaged jaw and several cuts. He has also had to undergo counselling after being diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. The initial complaint Mr Qurban made to West Midlands Police was rejected so he appealed to the IPCC, Independent Police Complaints Commission, and this was upheld. 

The officer, who hasn’t been named, will face a new internal hearing for misconduct but will not be prosecuted in court after the CPS made the decision not to proceed with Mr Qurban’s case after the IPCC referral. Mr Qurban is understandably furious about this and wants justice to prevail and the officer to appear in court. He says he has been patient and gone through every official channel yet his life remains ruined while its business as usual for the officer who did this to him.